EVVA locking systems

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Austrian company EVVA is one of the leading manufacturers of locking systems specializing in highly innovative products for master key solutions. EVVA started its business in 1919 which means that it has 90 years of professional experience in this field. EVVA’s personal unique ideas and solutions will give answer to the most difficult situation. EVVA’s locking systems are unique and surprisingly secure and reliable – this is why EVVA stands out among other similar companies.

The advantages of 3KS – 3 Curves System

  • Each key is unique
  • An incredibly high number of variations is possible (30 trillion = 30 Х 1012)
  • High wear durability and persistence against dust and ice
  • Reversible key system: you can insert key in both ways

The highest functionality reliability is guaranteed by 12 springless locking pins, which are forced in specific positions by two side bars. An additional bottom bar checks the edge profiles of the key.

MCS System: Magnetic Code System

  • Magnetic Code System is the most complicated model in the EVVA cylinder models range: of possible combinations
  • Drilling and plug pulling protection offered by hard metal pins in both the body and plug
  • Double check of the code within 360˚ turn
  • Permanent magnets, made of samarium and cobalt-5, provide long durability
  • The 8-fold magnetization of the key is checked through magnetized rotors which are freely rotating and located on the left and right side of the key channel. In addition, the access authorization is checked through profile system and special features on the key

Mortice Locks EVVA E 7000 S & P series (anti-panic)

  • Security profile dead bolt withstands 10.000 Newton force on the side and 8.000 Newton force on the front. Double cutting protection of hard metal
  • Latch, which can be locked, is already arrested after the first dead bolt tour – therefore additional dead bolt function
  • Robust closed lock-case: forend, forend-fixing and lock-case withstand 10.000 Newton force on the side. High resistance and stability.
  • Panic function: in case of emergency the door can be opened from the inner side with the handle even if the dead bolt is locked. The dead bolt is locked back from outside with the profile cylinder and the latch will be retracted.

Rim Locks

In addition to easy usage and installation process the rim locks provide you with security of highest level.

Evolution of Grandmas’ chain.

  • Quick installation
  • 3 Working Conditions: Open, Half Open, Closed
  • For door thickness of 38-50 mm
  • Additional drilling protection because of sharpened and hardened fixing screws at the rim cylinder

New solution for construction companies – interim master-key system with multiple use

  • EVVA offers not only possibility of opening required multiple number of doors with one key, it also suggests access management system for all of the people involved in construction process
  • Highest quality of locks, cylinders and keys provides long term durability and security, which can be used on multiple projects.

Mini Cottage System (1 key = 3 doors)

  • Instead of inconvenient bunch of keys, EVVA offers Cottage Key System which allows you to open the Street door, House door, Back door with one key that cannot be copied,
  • 1 key = 3 or more doors

Reliable door security fittings

  • Modern style and high level of European standard security: the handle can be pressed only from inside of house or apartment; not-turning knob is installed from outside
  • When the door is closed, the lock is sealed and the door cannot be open from outside