Technicians’ services

Maintenance and repairs of electric equipment, plumbing systems, fulfillment of joiner’s works, management of utilities supply agreements to legal entities

Service engineer telephone: (050) 381 81 13 available 9:00 – 18:00 during working days.

Maintenance and repair of electric supply systems and lighting (electricians’ services) :

  • Installation, checking and repair of lighting fixtures, replacement of bulbs;
  • Repair and replacement of sockets and switches;
  • Maintenance and repair of electric switchboards;
  • Checking of operation of automatic switches, their replacement.


Maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems (plumbers’ services)

  • Replacement of water taps;
  • Repair, installation of toilets, lavatories, bidets;
  • Repair, mounting of water supply pipes;
  • Cleaning of sewerage tubes with special equipment Rothenberger.


Maintenance of heating systems

  • Monthly check of the heating system operation;
  • Adding water to the inner heating circle;
  • Cleaning of heating systems, carrying out annual hydraulic tests;
  • Painting and restauration of the tubes of network heating isolation;
  • Checking and replacement of valves and pumps.


Joinery works

  • Repair and installation of locks, including made by EVVA;
  • Repair and assembling of furniture;
  • Repair and installation of doors;
  • Repair of windows.


Services of the electric equipment and utilities supply management engineer

  • Management of the utilities supply agreements concluded by the legal entities (electricity, water, heat and gas supply);
  • Management and organization of works to ensure smooth operation of engineering equipment (electricity supply systems, gas supply, water supply and sewerage);
  • Provision of the services of responsible person for usage of electric equipment, gas operation, water systems;
  • Relations with controlling state bodies;
  • Preparation of reports for clients;
  • Preparation and submission of settlements and tax documents.